Daina Jacobson

I was raised in the Chicago Suburbs in a Real Estate family.

After college, I worked as a leasing and sales agent in Chicago’s famed Marina City. Then I went off to graduate school in Washington, DC to earn a Master’s Degree in Sign Language Interpretation. As an RID Certified Interpreter working with Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals for the last 19 years, I have developed excellent listening and communication skills. I understand working with people in ways that meet their personal needs.

Now that I have come back to Real Estate, I want to help my clients fulfill their dreams. I am up to date on the latest technology for communication as well as for the Real Estate Industry. I work closely with my co-worker and mentor, Barbara Roseman, whom I prefer to just call Mom. Barbara’s 30 plus years of success as a Realtor is a great asset to both of us.

Be prepared and ease the stress of these situations.

After my own recent search for a home with land in Lake County, I realized my experience had given me a unique perspective on buying and selling, as well as finding exurban and rural properties. Now I want to share this knowledge with you! Whether you want more freedom in an unincorporated area or a pole barn for your toys, I can help you navigate the logistics of achieving these dreams.

Need someone who can speak your language?  I am fluent in American Sign Language and can help you or someone you know with buying or selling a home. I can show you homes or help you sell yours, and I can provide a RID Certified Interpreter when necessary (Legally, I cannot represent you and interpret for you at the same time at Closing).

My years of experience working with people of different backgrounds and needs is one of my best assets.  I will do my best to accommodate any special needs or requests.  I am open minded and will work to make your experience less stressful.

There is often a lot of emotion involved in buying and selling a house, but I’ve learned to look at it like an adventure.  Sometimes the road is smooth and sometimes there are bumps.  Barbara and I are here to help ease your stress by giving you the knowledge to be prepared for what lies ahead.  We will work together to find what works best for you.

In town or in the country, big or small, exurban or rural, whatever you need I can help you with all your Real Estate needs! E-mail me for more information.             
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More about Daina  

Since high school, I have loved photography.  My father was a commercial photographer (before going into Real Estate) and he taught me all about traditional black and white photography.  I continued the hobby all the way through Grad School. When I graduated, my wonderful sister (also in Real Estate) took me on a trip to New Zealand.  Something happened to my manual camera and she let me borrow her digital camera. In no time I was hooked.

I started carrying a camera in my bag as I worked freelance around Chicago.  One day I had a picture of Marina City that was from a terrific angle, but was just boring  After a little Photoshop fun, I found a new style of photography for myself.  My mom had been selling her watercolors at outdoor summer festivals, I decided it was time for me to try it too.  I sold at festivals for years until  until my life took another turn.  My photos are still available to see on my website, www.Rosemanphoto.com

These days…I am a wife, a mother to a preschooler and kindergartner, a step-mother to two teenagers, and a mama to two dogs, a kitten and 6 little chickens 4 big chickens, 4 little chickens and two barn kittens. I am also still a freelance sign language interpreter and Real Estate Broker.  My love for nature and natural things has led me to my current home in the woods.  Between the kids, the animals and our land, I still have plenty of photo opportunities.  I also love to share my enjoyment with others.

Are you looking for more green in your life?

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Ever wondered about native plants?  Worm Composting?  Chickens?  I also have a blog about my adventures outside of Suburbia, “My Own Green Acres”. Check it out for ideas on how to add some green to your life or see photos of the scenery and animals around our land.  There are so many little things we can do to help our world no matter where you live.