What’s Hot and What’s Not for this year

“What’s Hot and What’s not” is always the decorating question as the year starts.  What are the color trends for this year? 2018 featured drama and excitement – hot reds, utra-modern metallics, and black accents.  Decorators predict 2019 will be softer and more inspired by nature.

Woodland colors like mushroom gray, warm tree bark brown, hunter and fern green will be the neutrals of this year. Less emphasis will be placed on masculine or feminine color, and more focus will be on the natural outside world. These botanical colors will range from solid and saturated, to misty and ethereal shades.

From Pale to Bold

The quieter colors will include pale desert pink, light hazy blue (with gray undertone), sunny light yellow and yellowy greens.

The jewel tones that bring pops of color into your home might be gem-like emeralds, sapphires, and aquamarines as well as powerful ocean aquas, and sunset purples.

Don’t want to commit to all new colors?

It is fun to look at what is “in” but understand that style changes really often. Consider keeping the big expanses of color more neutral and adding just easily changeable bits of color to freshen up yearly. There are so many varieties of creams, pale grays, taupes, and whites that always are in style.

Most important of all – pick your colors by what makes you smile, and what makes you happy as you walk in the door.


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